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Butler Criminal Defense Lawyer
Gerald Lee Cassady Attorney At Law My Experience is Your Defense
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Why hire a former prosecutor?

➧It’s good to know what they’re thinking on the other side of the table.

➧As an Assistant District Attorney for more than a decade, I prosecuted thousands of cases … every day walking into a courtroom having evaluated each case for its unique “weaknesses.”

➧The “weaknesses” for the prosecution are the strengths of a defense.

My experience, background and dedication to justice enable me to find those prosecution flaws, turn them into defense strengths, and make them work for you.

To discuss your defense, call me now at 724-272-6863.

A good lawyer is more than a suit and a briefcase --- he’s a problem solver.

A longtime criminal prosecutor, Jerry Cassady gained valuable insight he now uses to help people who have been accused of committing crimes. Member of the Pennsylvania Bar since 1990


Having logged in more than a dozen years as a prosecutor, Jerry Cassady has worked on thousands of cases and gone to trial hundreds of times.

Jerry Cassady knows how to win a jury trial.

His practice is limited to defending people who have been accused of crimes.

Although Jerry Cassady is licensed to practice in all Pennsylvania county and appellate courts, his clients primarily are from Butler and Allegheny counties --- the very court houses where he learned the skills he now puts to use for you.

And, because Jerry Cassady’s firm is small, clients are guaranteed one-on-one attention. You won’t be just another case, lost in a stack.

2002-2008 Butler County Assistant District Attorney

➧ For six years, Jerry Cassady gained extensive litigation experience involving felony and misdemeanor charges.

➧ On behalf of Butler County, Jerry Cassady prosecuted jury and non-jury trials and various proceedings related to criminal accusations, including preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions, post-trial motions, sentencing hearings and appeals.

➧ During his first two years in Butler County, Jerry Cassady primarily worked on juvenile court cases.

➧ During the last four years as a Butler County prosecutor, Jerry Cassady represented the Commonwealth at all levels of adult criminal proceedings.

1998-2002 Private Practice in Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania

➧In addition to representing clients with criminal and civil issues, Jerry Cassady at that time was appointed by the present judge to represent all juveniles before the Venango County Court of Common Pleas who were subject to hearings of delinquency (criminal) and dependency (Children and Youth Services) cases.

➧It was here that Jerry Cassady first gained an appreciation for how the legal system can affect the lives of young people and their families.

➧Also, as part of his private practice in 2000, Jerry Cassady worked on his first death penalty case. He was one of two defense attorneys in a death penalty murder trial befre the Mercer County Court of Common Pleas.

1997-1998 Venango County Assistant Public Defender

➧Jerry Cassady first learned the fine art of criminal defense when working for Venango County. He represented hundreds of defendants there each year.

1991-1997 Venango County Assistant District Attorney

➧Venango County provided the backdrop for Jerry Cassady’s earliest court experience. It was here, nearly two decades ago, that Jerry first learned valuable aspects of criminal prosecution.

1984-1986SUPPLY OFFICER – United States Marine Corps

➧Prior to becoming a lawyer, Jerry Cassady was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps having achieved the rank of First Lieutenant.

➧There, he learned personnel management and inventory control duties, including responsibility for a 14-member supply section and an account holding more than $50 million in on-hand assets.

➧Assigned to a supply section within the Third Marine Aircraft Wing in Santa Ana, California, the mission was to be prepared to go anywhere in the world on forty eight hours notice with everything needed to build and defend expeditionary airfields.


➧Jerry Cassady earned his law degree, his Juris Doctorate, in 1990 from the Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

➧Prior to that, in 1982, Jerry earned a Bachelor of Arts, studying a liberal arts ciriculum with concentration in theology from Duquesne University.

➧From 1977 to 1980, Jerry was a general studies student at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.